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What Effect Do You Want?

Aug 01, 2021

Have you ever been in a funk? One of those where you have a ton of things on your list, but you don’t want to do any of them? You know what I mean, those days that you would rather be enjoying the lake or numbing out to the latest Netflix series? How many of you have just said buck up and get it done?  That works, but I invite you to look at another perspective!

During my years in Corporate America, I would say “Is what you are doing getting you closer to or further away from your goal?” Sometimes doing something that wasn’t in direct relationship to the goals was important but when those became the norm and not what was moving you forward, then it was time to look more deeply at the why.  Studying the Universal Laws has allowed me to realize one of those faceplant moments, but something really profound, I AM FIRST CAUSE.  

What does that mean?

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect: Nothing happens by chance. Everything you experience in the world is an effect of a cause set in motion. We are first cause and as such, everything you set in motion returns to you as a result.

Everything we do creates an effect. Logically then, it would seem a person would take the actions needed to reach the desired outcome. This doesn’t always happen because the habits and actions we take are all created by inner beliefs we have developed over time. And when we are in a funk, those beliefs take over. The Law of Cause and Effect requires our super power – the power to choose. Let’s break this down shall we?  Here are two examples… 

If I want to improve my health, I may say I want to be active 5 days out of the week.  When it comes to whether I watch one more episode or take a hike I must remind myself what effect I want.  And not just the effect, but a critical piece here is to experience what the outcome will FEEL like. This helps me change the habit or pattern of behavior. Desire is causative and I must want it badly enough to change the belief, habit and action.

In business, a client wants to make a certain financial goal. The first question is what does this man or woman (you) who accomplishes this do differently than what is occurring today?  We must think like the person who is achieving the effect is thinking!  Once this is identified and is clear, we look at the actual tactical ways to accomplish the goal, how it feels to make that goal and even more importantly, what does achieving this financial goal DO for you. This process allows for us to also identify double binds and loyalty pacts that stop you from achieving your desires.

Next time you are faced with this, just ask yourself – What effect do I want?

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