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Finding Your Why

business Feb 01, 2021

Why are you in the line of business you are in?

What is it that motivates you to continue the work you do?

Uncovering the answers to these questions will help you as a business owner, leader and employee to understand yourself and how you fit into the bigger picture. The magic of having a deep satisfaction in life comes from knowing what your values and your mission or calling is. For me, seeing what piece I provide in the bigger picture of life is what gets me up in the morning and ads vigor and joy to my life. For each of you and those who work with you, the same holds true.  When we look at our work as more than just a daily grind, but a calling or vocation we see the bigger picture allowing us to keep going when the going gets tough or a particularly difficult customer leaves our business.

Perspective shifts such as work life satisfaction instead of work life balance create a different mindset. As a solopreneur, when I illuminate my light on the day to day tasks I’m crossing off my list, I can get bogged down in the nitty gritty. I quickly lose sight of why I’m putting the energy, commitment and elbow power into my vocation and it begins to feel like work. Creating a perspective shift and reminding myself of the bigger picture, my values and how I’m making an impact in the world, immediately shifts my energy level!

How do you get started or re-connect with your bigger purpose in the world? I’d like to suggest a tool titled Spark Your Flame. This tool can be used in many situations – large or small to determine the why behind the objective.  I’ve used this personally and with clients for business and personal goals, such as health and weight loss, new service or product line decisions, changes in jobs, deciding if building or buying a house is the right way to go, to understanding why a person wanted to start a new business.  The list is endless!  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with determining your life’s bigger purpose, start with a business objective or a personal goal such as I mentioned above.  Here are the steps to using the tool.

  1. Determine a goal or objective you wish to accomplish.
  2. Ask yourself why you want to achieve this goal.
  3. Then ask yourself why to the answer you just gave.
  4. Repeat step 3 at least 5 times or until you feel you have gotten to the true why.
  5. Brush the tool off periodically through the year to continue digging and as your goals shift.

As you begin to use this tool it can be easy to stop before you dig deep – I would challenge you to continue digging to get to the heart of your calling! Remember what you shine your light on is where your focus will be! 

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